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Grayton Integrated Publishing: custom publications and content, creative services
Grayton Integrated Publishing: custom publications, publication design
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Client List
Client Testimonials
Our executive team had specific ideas of what they wanted to see in our ad. Grayton listened to us and then made sound recommendations that led us to a much more effective alternative. Grayton provided world-class work on a very tight schedule.
- Kimberly McDonald Baker, Project Partners LLC

I feel like we're part of the same team. I can't imagine a stronger, more supportive collaboration.
- Natasha Nicholson, IABC

Everything [Grayton] did was impressive, from the writing and design to the project management and follow-through. I would recommend Grayton without hesitation.
- Julie Brady, VERITAS Software

What really impressed me was Grayton's willingness to examine the big picture. Other vendors offered to help us look better, but Grayton was the only one that offered to help us work better.
- Sara Wyant, Farm Progress Companies

The supplements created by Grayton and Oracle not only helped achieve our goals they surpassed all expectations.
- Hope Frank, Strategy 10X
The team at Grayton takes a lot of stress out of my job by handling everything very thoroughly from setting the schedule and meeting the deadlines to communicating with everyone and shipping the materials to us in perfect condition.
- Jennifer Hamilton, Oracle Publishing

I went into [this book project] dreading what was involved in terms of pressure over deadlines and all the thousands of details that I anticipated would blindside us. Instead I got to throw myself into the fun stuff, the history of the Club and all that, and left all the dreaded nitty-gritty to [Grayton] knowing it would be taken care of.
- Tim O'Keeffe, Hyannis Port Yacht Club

Grayton was really flexible in helping us work the project to fit our budget and our time frame. They came up with a very creative solution. The entire experience from concept through execution was terrific.
- Anne Gattari, Ford Motor Company

Throughout the project, Grayton encouraged a sense of partnership with us. They saw things we couldn't because we were too close to the problems, and then they articulated our weaknesses very precisely to help us gain control of our magazine production.
- Bill Eby, Farm Progress Companies